Last night I went to a fast food restaurant in town to grab something to eat. As I stood in line waiting to order when I noticed something that was just not right.

The person in front of me was placing their order when the cashier politely informed them that they did not have that particular item. The person got very angry and started yelling at the cashier. They then asked for the manager. When he came up they had a lot of names to call him before he asked this person to leave.

As they walked out it was like watching a child throw a tantrum as they stomped and threw open the door.

I have no idea what went wrong in their day but in my opinion, that doesn't give them the right to act like that.

What ever happened to the days of accepting things as they were and showing respect for your fellow man even when things were rough? Having a bad day doesn't constitute making everyone's day bad.

Time to grow up.