It's happened to everyone sometime.  You drank just a bit too much and partied just a bit too hard at the concert, and now you're hung over like a mad-dog!  In an effort to make sure you go to work the day after The Band Perry, I have found the 10 most popular hang-over cures.

1.  Buttermilk with 3 drops of lemon juice, 8 ounces

2.  Multi-vitamin and Milk Thistle

3.  Drink a lot of either Pedia Lite, water or a sports drink

4.  Eat fatty protiens and bread

5.  Drink a glass of water after every alcoholic drink

6.  Take Vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 the morning after

7.  Take extract of Prickly Pear the morning after

8.  Eat a bowl of Tripe soup (Ewwww!  I dare ya!)

9.  Eat a bunch of really spicy food

10. "Hair of the dog", it's Gin and lots of hot sauce

Remember Tylenol and Excedrin do not mix well with alcohol!  Do not take these before you go to bed!  You could really hurt your liver.

Alright, I've given you everything you need to be successful on Monday after having just a bit too much fun tonight.  I don't want to hear from the boss that you called in sick.  Everyone knows you're going to the concert!

The Band Perry Live in Billings: Sunday July 22nd, 7pm at the Rimrock Auto Arena, 308 6th Avenue North, Billings. Tickets $31 - 38.50;Purchase online, the MetraPark box office, Rimrock Mall ticket kiosk, and Cellular Plus ticket outlets.