Why Is My Dog Putting Her Head Under The Bed?
Since moving into the new house, I've noticed my Boston Terrier Addison scooting herself under the bed to cover her head. Did she find her new favorite spot or is there something more going on? Here are some reasons your dog may be hiding under the bed.
Big Sky Worldview Forum's Voter Guide
I've had several folks in Billings and Yellowstone County email or call the show asking for more information about who to vote for in the upcoming elections. They especially want to know who to vote for when it comes to judicial races.
Rims Clean up
This weekend there will be a Rims clean up  from 9am to 11:30am. People will come to the rims and pick up everything left behind. They have a contest for the strangest item found. Can you imagine the DNA left on some of the trash there...
Cole's Pantry
Paul and I emceed the initial Cole's Pantry Dinner, Dance and Auction. And what a great night it turned out to be. We got to see a lot of old friends and by the end if the night, the event raised $ 36,000.00 And there's even more good news...
Puppy Prices
Why are puppies so expensive? If you look in the paper many of the puppies there range from 1500 to 2500 dollars. Wow. If a dog has 8 puppies that's 12 to 20 thousand dollars per litter. I should be raising puppies instead of cows. A 600 pound calf will bring less than a puppy...
You Might Live In Montana If
As I was scrolling through my facebook feed today, it occurred to me how much it sounded like Jeff Foxworthys "You might be a redneck if".
If you've got more pictures posted of dead antelope than members of your family.
Or, if your wife's job requires her to wear an orange …

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