Razor Blade Racket
One of the "rackets" (something that seems like it should be cheaper, but we can't find out why. i.e. gasoline) is the cost of razor blades.
If you've noticed, they've gotten cheaper over the last few years because Gillette finally got some competition from "…
Garage Sale Junkies
There are a lot of people out there that live for garage sales. Saturday is your day with Billings biggest garage sale at Metra, it starts at 7am and I can guarantee you people will be there at 6am waiting for that ultimate find. Good luck and have fun...
Shop 'Till You Drop at Billings Biggest Garage Sale
Do you love finding a deal? Do you love shopping at garage sales? Do you want to experience the most MASSIVE garage sale you've ever seen?
This Saturday you can do all of this! It's time for Billings Biggest Garage Sale, a one day event that brings together literally thousands of shoppers t…
BQQ in Absorkee
This Sunday is the
17th annual bbq competition up in Absorkee.
Things get rolling about 11 a.m. and go until about 6. You can sample food from 40 different vendors. Most of which are hoping to be the Grand Champion.
Live music, microbrews, and fabulous food...
Dog Tired
Now I know where the saying dog tired comes from. I took my dog with me yesterday to check water, and after a day of swimming and running he was done by 9 o'clock last night. That is one tired dog.....
Bald Eagle Having Lunch At Lewis And Clark Middle School
I caught some cool footage of an eagle eating what may have been a duck in front of Lewis and Clark middle school. I posted this video a couple of weeks ago on my personal Facebook page and had some people message me saying that I should have let someone know this eagle was in the vicinity.
I snapped this picture this morning a little before 5 a.m. And I simply cannot figure out why this guy (or gal) parked here.
How much more explicit can our hotel be?
Shaking my head. Selfish. And about four other adjectives that I can't use here...
Raging Rivers
Montana officials always close forests for fire reasons and the back country for avalanche reasons, but will not prohibit river use during high water season. We lost 3 more people so far this week. Unless they put some kind of restriction in place, it won’t be the last until runoff s…

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