This May Be What Is Causing Your Insomnia
I'm not a good sleeper...never have been. This problem seems to be getting worse with age, so I started looking into things that cause it. There were some obvious ones (lots of carbs, sweets, or caffeine before bed), but one that surprised me.
Guys - Ditch the Straws
I did a quick survey around the office and apparently, I'm in the minority on this, but I was raised believing it was bad manners for a male to drink out of a straw. This excludes things like to-go cups or milkshakes, but mainly applies to dinner table edicate.
Top DEA Official on Tuesday's Montana Talks
Coming up on Tuesday's Montana Talks- we'll talk about meth, the southern border, the cartels, and the illicit drug trade in Big Sky Country. Stacy Zinn-Brittain is a top official with the DEA in Montana, and she'll join us for the entire 9AM hour on Tuesday.

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