Big Dilemma
My biggest dilemma next Monday is do I want to eat French, Italian or Mexican food first. That's about the most pressing issue you have if you go on the Flakes trip.
Hope the weather is great for all of you while we are gone. Be back soon with stories and memories from Mexico...
Secrets Capri
We got this picture sent to us this morning from a lady who's with our group, but got to the resort a few days ahead of us.
All the rubbing it in aside, I am thankful for the chance to go on these trips each year. Every year when we arrive, I walk down to the beach and stand there and listen to …
Old Friends
We talked about best friends on our show yesterday. And today is the birthday of a guy who has always been a best friend and now can also be put in the "old friends" category.
Jeff Austin and I met while we were attending the same church in Great Falls in about 1976...
Fading Away
As we get ready for our big trip, I just thought of something that is slowly fading into the abyss.
No one sends them anymore.  Now its instant pictures, texts and videos. Places still sell them, but most people don't bother with them anymore...
Video Game Scholarships
The College of Great Falls will now be competing in the sport of video games at a NCAA level.  Yup, that's right. It is a sanctioned sport in college now and will offer 20 scholarships to put a team together.
Who said playing video games was a waste of time...
Whose Music Don't You Get?
I announced that I had heard a rumor  that Pearl Jam would be playing a concert at Washington-Grizzly Stadium in August of this year. Which, for me is a non-factor, because I'm not a Pearl jam fan. It's not that I dislike them, I just am not familiar with much of their music

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