I Quit
I took this picture yesterday while I was feeding my cows. He told me he doesn't want to represent America anymore. He's a symbol of strength and beauty and feels like we are letting him down.
I told him he is always welcomed here and there are some of us out there that still believe in Ame…
Famous LB's
We did our Initial Response game today and gave away several pairs of tickets to the Luke Bryan concert before you can buy them.
And I'll list as many of today's answers as I can remember.
Larry Bird
Limp Bizkit
London Broil
Laura Branigan
La Bamba
Lane Bryant
Little Bighorns
Little Bighorn
Lake Bemidgi (Minn…
Kids Count
We are raising money all day today for the Pediatric Care Unit at St. Vs hospital. This is a great cause to make sure our kids can get the care they need right here at home. Please help by donating at 406-606-1003 or You'll never realize how bad we need this until you need it...
Call For Kids Radiothon Today
406-606-1003 or I wanted to make it easy for you to know how to donate for today's fundraiser.
We've worked with these folks for several years helping to raise money for the region's only fully staffed pediatric intensive care unit...
The ‘Call for Kids’ Radiothon Is On NOW!
The ‘Call for Kids’ Radiothon Is On NOW! We're teaming up with St. Vincent Healthcare Foundation to present the annual Call for Kids Radiothon to benefit St. Vincent Children's Healthcare. It all started this morning and runs until 7 p.m. Make sure you're listening to he…
The Parade
The St. Patty's Day parade is 3 weeks from Saturday. If we don't get any warmer between now and then, they will have to cancel it . More people get hurt falling on the ice than trying to retrieve candy.........

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