Billboard Awards
Chris Stapleton won the "Country Artist of the Year" award last night at the Billboards. Now, in the past, those awards were usually given based on air play and chart topping. So, how did he get it?
There were a dozen other people who had a far better year than him...
Bob Seger Has Rescheduled
If you have Seger tickets, I'm sure that you've already learned that he has rescheduled his Billings show for January 19th. Great news.
He's #1 on my personal "Haven't Seen Him in Concert" Bucket List.
'Night Moves' is one on my favorite songs and he ten…
What's Your 'I Quit' Story?
Have you ever watched one of those videos where someone is sick of their job so they quit in a unique way and video it? Some of them get pretty creative with how they 'burn their bridge' with the employer they seem to hate so much.
BPD Disciplinary Problem
Before coming forward as one of three Billings police officers recently disciplined for sexual encounters on city property, former officer Paul LaMantia had been the subject of several complaints. LaMantia was first disciplined in 2009, after roughly five months on the job, and his disciplinary cita…
Thinking At Work
Here's a list of thoughts that have popped into my head while I've been at work today.
I need to learn more about essential oils for my allergies.
How come we don't have Earl Thomas Conley's  "Don't Make It Easy For Me" in the computer...
A Great Success Story
I hope you had a chance this morning to hear our story about Swanky Roots. A 24 year old entrepreneur and Montana state graduate who combined aquaculture and hydroponics to produce fresh chemical free produce. It's quite a facility and story...
Billings Man Held in Anaconda Murder
Q2 reports that a Billings man is in custody, suspected in a 64-year-old Anaconda woman’ death. Shelley Schafer was found murdered in her home on Tuesday and Butte police believe 53-year-old Troy Johnson may be responsible. Anaconda Police Chief Tim Barkell said Shafer died in her re…

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