Great Time At Homesteader Days
Homesteader Days should definitely be on your annual event "to-do list" if you're a fan of old fashioned fun. It's one of the few events left that doesn't cost an arm and a leg to take the family to and there is plenty to keep the kids (and the adults) occupied. There were t…
Multiply Your Excitement
Multiply your excitement with Cat Country 102.9 and Montana Lottery! Here is how you can get in on the "Scratch Ticket Giveaway". We will be selecting an artist from our playlist to create a mixed-up music montage. There will be five songs from that artist, and if you can correctly…
Amazon Prime Day Today
If you're a member of Amazon Prime, today is your big day. Save on millions of items for 36 hours.
So, I'm curious as to how many of the folks who read our blogs are A, members. And B, are you buying anything during this event?
100 years
There are not to many things in Billings that have been here for 100 years. One that has been is the Billings Hill climb. I didn't even realize they had bikes that would even scale a hill like that 100 years ago. If you go, you'll notice the bathing suits are different too...
Did You Brave The Build-A-Bear Line?
Yesterday's "Pay Your Age" promotion at Build-a-Bear was a success..sort of. It was too much of a success causing Black Friday sized lines out the door at Build-A-Bear locations around the world.
All Things Wilson
This rig was parked in the hotel parking lot here yesterday. And if you listen to us, then you've probably heard the jingles for "Mark Wilsons Better Used Cars" from the dealership in Ontario.
So, when I win my huge lottery, I will attempt to buy everything that is "Wi…
Party under the Big Sky tomorrow night
The 54th Annual Homesteader Days event will kick off tomorrow night with the concert in the park.
Tracy Lawrence headlines the show along with Confederate Railroad and the Bucky Beaver Ground Grippers.
Gates open at 5:00 pm and the show starts 6:30 pm...
Don't forget Zimmerman construction starts Monday. There will be delays on highway 3 with slower speeds at that intersection. I know, put a quarter in the cuss jar and please move forward.

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