I paid a visit to the Three Sites Shooting range on Moore Lane today. We got together to discuss an event we are planning for the Fall - something I think you are going to really like.

While discussing our event the topic of the recent home invasions in the West end came up. And they asked us to pass along info about a seminar that is coming up next week at Range.

Tuesday the 30th from 5:30 to 8:30 Nadine Fredrickson will be hosting a free workshop with an emphasis on simple, effective defense tactics for women. She will also be sharing information on how to better aware of your situation at all time, and what every woman should know about a predator.

The whole evening is designed to get women to use their intuition as the cornerstone of their safety.

A featured guest Tuesday night will be Terril Bracken – Current Yellowstone County Sherriff’s Deputy and founder of Fusion Fight League.

The course is free, but they are asking for you to reserve a seat, or a group of seats for the ladies in the neighborhood or office. You can call 294-5711 to get more details or make your reservations.

Stay safe out there.