The 30 Guns in 30 Days raffle is back in action! We will be drawing a winner from today (September 1st, 2014) through the next 30 days. When the new winners are announced, we will be posting their name, ticket #, and the gun they have won right here on this page. So don't forget to come back and check to see if you're one of the lucky winners!

A representative from a Representative from the IAFF will contact each winner via phone of their name being drawn.The winner will also be notified by mail. 

2014 Gun Raffle Winners

DateNameTicket # Prize
09 - 01 - 2014Sue Brensdal2072Remington 700 ADL
09 - 02 - 2014Mike Baker0454Browning X-Bolt
09 - 03 - 2014Wayne Guptill0035Ruger 10/22 RB
09 - 04 - 2014Robert Skillestad0612Ruger No. 1B
09 - 05 - 2014Matt Hoppel1521Remington 870
09-06-2014Kolt Reddies1601Henry Golden Boy 22 LR
09-07-2014Michael Frohman0817Howa HGR
09-08-2014Joel Kittleson0758Remington 1187
09-09-2014Candy Selleck 0891DPMS RFA2 Bull 20-A3
09-10-2014Judy Conradsen1637Ruger HM77R
09-11-2014Matt Brown1287Savage III
09-12-2014Joe Taylor1577Benelli Vinci 12 gauge
09-13-2014Gary Nash1019Remington 700 BDL
09-14-2014Don Iszler 1613Tikka T3 Lite
09-15-2014Marc Erickson1801Remington 887
09-16-2014Travis Stiles 0867Howa AX10M
09-17-2014Jessica Brown0259Remington 870
09-18-2014George Kuper0009Howa HGR
09-19-2014Terry P. O’Toole1141Savage Axis
09-20-2014Todd Jansma2758Browning BPS Hunter
09-21-2014Paul Mushaben2191Savage III
09-22-2014Michael Rowley1187Remington Versamax
09-23-2014PJ Knoll

2765Ruger HM77R
09-24-2014Bernie Lewis 1709Remington 870
09-25-2014Ed Lorenz0117Winchester MDL 70 Sporter
09-26-2014Jason Watson0598Savage MDL 110FCP 338 Lapua
09-27-2014Stan Swenson0879Remington 700 CDL
09-28-2014Jake Wright2039Marlin 336 C
09-29-2014Mark Lee0095Benelli Nova
09-30-2014Deb Van Valin0218GRAND PRIZE WINNER! A custom Shiloh Sharps 1874 Montana Roughrider 45/70 (Hand Made in Big Timber, MT)