Parents and adults everywhere!  Here's an internet craze that will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck.  It's called Bed Of Shame, and it's all over Twitter.

Here's how Bed Of Shame works, the morning after, someone takes a picture of their unsuspecting partner then posts it on Twitter.  How horrifying!

GazGShore caught some grief this weekend for posting a Bed Of Shame on his Twitter account.  He took down the pictures and apologized.  Amazingly, I looked at twitter, and he has a lot of support to not apologize.  Of course, a majority think this is absolutely vile.  And, the most disturbing thing to me is that it's all men that I've seen who send in the snapshot.  (I'm using the term "men" loosely, as a real man would never do such a thing.)  I didn't see one girl that did it.  I'm not saying they haven't, but none of their pictures are featured on Twitter.

When asked why they support Bed Of Shame, the answers boil down to basically this; they "deserve to be publicly shamed for having a one night stand".  Really?  That didn't stop you from participating, now did it?

This policy of over-sharing and embarrassing pictures with Generation Y is going to cause some huge problems down the road.  We already know you have to keep your social networking very clean, and your tweets are actually quotes.  Perspective employers and partners use that to gauge what kind of person you are.  What's going to happen to these young people 5-10 years down the road when a corporation Googles them, only to find this kind of thing?  One way or another, this is going to bite a lot of people.  I'm pretty sure it's going to leave a mark!