Remember last fall when the Billings School District painted a dire picture about the state of disrepair our school facilities were in?  Now, we're starting to see where all that money is build new softball fields.

This morning, the Flakes called out the School District for using $400,000 in bond revenue to build a new softball field.  We heard from a caller who told us about a group of West High boosters who were threatening to sue the district because Skyview and Senior High got new softball fields and they didn't.

Now, don't get us wrong.  The Flakes are ardent supporters of school athletics.  However, this is a blatant misuse of funds.  Funds that we were promised would go towards improving our crumbling schools, not softball fields. Once again, we've been sold a bill of goods.  Which is why the Flakes were opposed to the bond issue from the very beginning.

Here's an idea.  Instead of misusing funds that should be allocate to better educate our children, why not organize a work day and recruit those boosters and private organizations to work on the fields.  They might not be able to raise $400,000, but they can surely find someone who knows how to fix a fence...or lay dirt...or seed a grass field.