Here's a quick follow up on a story we shared with you last week.  Last night, the Billings City Council gave the green light to a new levy for public services which will be decided on by voters in the upcoming November election.

If passed, the levy will substantially raise property taxes FOREVER.  And, the fees get bigger each year.  By 2025, the average homeowner in Billings would pay an additional $325 for police and fire department services every year.

At last night's meeting, one local carpenter told the council that the City of Billings is "taking me out of my home and my city."  And he's right.  The tax levy's will never stop and the burden to homeowners will continue to increase.

And sadly, this is becoming the new normal in our town.  Groups know they can go back to the well over and over again.  With a clever marketing campaign, voters will fall for it every time.

Paul wonders what it will be like in 30 years.  In 2044, will the local government be more efficient?  Probably not.  How will our children be able to afford to pay for these government programs when 60% of their income is taken off the top?    Many of them will not be able to pay for it.