This morning, the Flakes discussed the controversy plan for reducing the number of Bison in Yellowstone National Park.  For the first time ever, Paul agrees with the animal rights activists...well, sort of.

The plan calls for 300-600 bison to be sent to local slaughter houses to decrease the size of the herd.  As Paul put it, "every maggot infested person from Bozeman who wears Birkenstocks and an army jacket that smells will be driving their electric cars up to protest".

But Paul has a better idea.  Since the Fish and Game Department is about $90 million in the hole, why not sell special Bison permits to hunters?  You could sell them for $1,000 and then distribute the meat, hides and heads to American Indian Tribes.  If they're going to slaughter the animals anyway, why not generate some revenue from it?  Maybe they could pay for that expensive federal Bison management plan.