This morning, the Flakes kicked off a new contest called "Getting You Home" with Chris Young.  Since a lot of folks from small towns will be coming to the big city of Billings for the MontanaFair next month, we're gonna hook you guys up with tickets to see the Chris Young concert on Friday August 8th.

Every weekday leading up to the show, Mark and Paul will call out a different town.  The first person to call back from that town will win tickets to the show.   And yes, it has to be the town that's on your driver's license.

Today, the Flakes began with the good people of Bridger, MT.  We actually got several calls from people listening in Bridger, our roughly about 25% of the town's population.

Tomorrow, we'll call out a different small town.  So if you're from Busby, or Belfry, or Ballantine, listen up because we could be calling you out next.