The copyright are out to get you.  No really, they ARE out to get you.  While the stealing of music has been going on for years, ever since Napster, video and photo piracy has only become a more recent issue.

Google, who owns the biggest video site in the world You Tube, came up with an interesting way of dealing with piracy.  Google faces liability whenever people post video products owned by another copyright holder.  While it's a bit like traffic school, Google has developed a new cartoon to help you understand the difference between what you can and can't post on line.

From this point forward, watching the video will be mandatory if a user receives a valid copyright notification. In order to upload any new videos, the user will also have to answer questions in a short quiz YouTube has created.

I don't think it will make any difference to internet users. If You Tube blocks your account, there are plenty of other sources to upload content. This looks more like an effort by Google to keep the lawyers away.

Will it change how you post material on line?