So, you hope you can trust your mechanic, but do you really know what happens when you aren't looking?

William Clark lives in Easley South Carolina and loves Camaros.  He as had two, and is currently driving a 2010 SS.  His first Camaro died after he took it to the dealership for some work.  He suspected that the mechanics messed it up, but couldn't prove it.  When his current ride started making clicking sounds at stops, he took it to a different dealership.  He took it to Best Chevrolet-Kia in Easley South Carolina, but this time Clark hid a tape recorder in the glove box.

He was shocked by what he heard on the tape.  He could hear the mechanics doing burnouts, joy riding for more than 20 minutes, and burning up his clutch.  He could then hear them scheming to charge him for the clutch and commit fraud against Chevrolet for warranty work.

Mr. Clark played the audio for the dealer, and wants them to buy the car from him, but all they said they would do is reassess the damage.  Chevrolet's customer service said they couldn't do anything, and it was between Clark and the dealership.  So, William posted the audio on YouTube, and now the dealership is threatening to sue HIM. (Warning - un-edited profanity is throughout the recording)

So, we thought we would ask your opinion... What do you think?