My Top 10 Holiday Movies
With Christmas just a week away, my kids' and my nights are filled with holiday movies, hot chocolate and popcorn.
Here are my top ten holiday movies for the season.
1: "It's a Wonderful Life:" The idea for the movie all started with a Christmas card
Give Me More Bacon
We're getting so close to Baconfest 2015 that I can smell the sizzle as I type this. I hate to keep bringing it up and but I have the bacon shakes so bad that I can't contain myself any longer.
After all, bacon is the most beautiful drug in the world...
Did Paul Stay At A Holiday Inn Express Last Night?
After working with Paul Mushaben for so many years, nothing he does makes me nervous, except when he plays Engineer in the Cat Country Studio.
Now let me tell you, my friend Pauly can do many, many things.
He can fix fence, fix vehicles, deliver calves and sheep and even coach a mean game of basketbal…
Three Dumb Laws on the Books in Billings
With all the new laws that took effect in Montana on Oct. 1 that Paul has been talking about, I thought I would see if there are any really dumb laws that pertain to just the city of Billings.
Here are a couple I found.
According to Dumb Laws...
Courtesy Spray, Please? [Opinion]
To me there are few things more annoying than walking into a bathroom right after someone has done there "special business" and the smell is enough to knock you over. I know we all have to do our thing, but when there is a spray can available, why not use it...
Things That Make You Scratch Your Head
There are many things that make me shake my head and ask myself why.
Well, today was no different.
I had to make a run over to Hardin with a coworker to see a client and as we were walking to said clients office I spotted this little treasure...
I Was Wrong All Along
I grew up in a very small town in extreme Southern Idaho. Population was 117 at the time with lots of ranches and dairies. When I first started my radio career at age 15, I had to drive about an hour to get to the station. My reward, an awesome career...

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