Courtesy Spray, Please? [Opinion]
To me there are few things more annoying than walking into a bathroom right after someone has done there "special business" and the smell is enough to knock you over. I know we all have to do our thing, but when there is a spray can available, why not use it...
Getting Over Addiction in Billings
It seems we all are addicted to something. Whether it be cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, food or whatever. It can be very difficult to get over something that has become so embedded in our lives.
I know this. I have an addictive personality...
Flu Shot, Good or Bad in Billings? [Opinion]
Flu season will be here before we know it. That miserable sickness is something I'd rather not think about. It hurts, it's gross, lasts forever and is just a pain to deal with.
About three years ago, my family and I started getting the flu shot to deal with it...
Debate Over Toilet Paper in Billings
My wife and I have been married for eight years. Since day one, it's been a debate over toilet paper. Of all things, toilet paper. Yep, I said toilet paper.
After eight years, we still cannot agree on whether it should unroll over the top or drape back behind...
Words that Hurt
Being a mom I am always reminding my children that how you act is extremely important and what you say is even more important.

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