Christmas Traditions
With Christmas this Friday and the recent life changing loss that has taken place in my life over the past few weeks I really wanted to cancel Christmas.
5 Recipes to Get Through a Cold or the Flu
It happened again to me Saturday night, all the way through Sunday night. I got sick yet again. I hate that so much. Feeling like a truck has run you over, coughing up nasty stuff and you can't breathe. Yuck.
There's no way I will sit idle waiting for it to pass...
Icy Parking Lots Hurt Bad [Opinion]
Recently I went to an unnamed store after it had snowed the other night. As I pulled into the parking lot, it was obviously very slick. Snow had been scraped away, but the underlying ice was still there.
As I tried to find a spot to park, I noticed on the far side of the of the lot some paramedics at…
Charlie Sheen’s Impact on HIV Cases in Billings
Charlie Sheen's revelation this week that he is HIV-positive will help raise the awareness of HIV in Billings and  bring much-needed training to the public on what being HIV-positive really means, said Autumn Frey, executive director of the Billings-based Yellowstone AIDS Project...
Keeping Smiles Bright in Billings
Don't have dental insurance or can't afford to just go to the dentist?
The 9th District Dental Society is giving thanks and giving back to Billings with a Free Dental Clinic this Friday, November 20th at four locations for your convenience.

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