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Idea For A New Hunting Firearm
If you follow our blogs, you saw that Paul blogged about his favorite rifle last Friday. Then this morning, he made the comment "you have to spend time with your hunting rifle, like you do with your wife".
So, I've got an idea for a new weapon called "The Wifle&quo…
More Things We Should Build
Yesterday, I detailed plans for my idea of an outdoor concert venue. Today, let's talk dining on the rims.
Back in the sixties, there was a nightclub on the rims, near the airport called The Bella Vista, I believe.
I heard that it had burned down and obviously wasn't rebuilt...
Park Ideas
On my 6 mile walk yesterday, I went to Dover Park for the first time. I took a picture of the signs because I was going to blog about dogs not being allowed. But, roughly 16 hours later, I have these thoughts.
I wish I had enough money to buy all of that land and make it an outdoor concert complex...
Thinking About Building A Jail
This is all completely fiction, but it was a thought that I had this morning.
I was wondering what kind of business I could build to supplement my income. And for some reason, a jail came to mind.
I have zero actual knowledge about this of course, but hear me out...
Pet Peeve
I went to a high school game yesterday and paid admission to get in. Now, as a property owner in that district, I already pay property taxes every year.
And it's not the amount that bothered me. It just seems to me that if you're already paying a tax for the facility, you shouldn't be charged even mo…
Today I have kind of a poll question concerning your athletic shoes. Do you buy one pair a year and all you look at is the cost? Or, do you buy more shoes, more often? And is cost a factor then? Or, are you like me, and have a LOT of shoes that are job or sport specific
I have an old set of Nike…
Traffic Light Needs Updating
So, you're headed south on 27th by the Double Tree Inn. The light turns red and all of a sudden a train start rolling through, turning the traffic light red for all traffic in every direction.
It would be nice if they would update that light with a green arrow to turn left (or east) for those fo…
My Brother John
Today would've been my younger brothers 41st birthday. But, cancer took him four years ago. I could write page after page about the sorrow that came with his passing for his family.
But, today I choose to remember him as he was the last couple years of his life, after his diagnosis...
Boz Last Night
There was little something for everybody last night at the Boz Scaggs show at ABT. Blues, top notch musicianship and hits.
This was my kind of concert. No emcee. Started right on time. Not a whole lot of banter. Just "Here we go" & "I've got some hits"…
Please Don’t
Here's my list. My list of "Please Don't Do This" to, around me or near me.
Please don't send me money on Facebook Messenger. I have no idea how to get that to my pocket. And if you owe money, I gave it to you - most likely in paper form...
Mexican Cerveza
We got to talking about my favorite brands of Mexican beers this morning. I've been to Mexico 20 plus times now, so I've tried many of them.
Here's my list.
5. Tecate
4. Dos Equis
3. Corona Light
2. Sol
1. That FIRST beer I drink when I get off the plane in Cancun every year
Budweiser & The NFL
Anheuser Busch has a six year sponsorship with the NFL. They are taking your thoughts on what is happening with NFL players taking a knee during our national anthem.
Call 1-800-342-5283/1-800-DIALBUD to let them know how you feel. We did...

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