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Montana’s Most Googled Question
These days when you have a question you don't go to the encyclopedia. Today we jump on Google.
It's almost funny what questions come across people's minds.
Now, thanks to Google we now know what the most popular searches are for each state...
What’s Montana’s Credit Rating?
Heads up folks...Montana isn't doing too bad!
I just read a report from Illinois Policy that shows what all 50 states are going and we are holding up fairly well with a "AA" rating. I only wish my credit was doing that good!
Granted, we are not a "AAA"…
Honor Our Billings’ Veterans
Today is National Armed Forces Day. It always falls on the 3rd Saturday in May.
Montana, as you well know, is one of the states with the most military whether it be active or veteran.
We have a lot to be thankful for with that. I don't have to tell you that it is because of our military that we h…
Time For New Judges
The Montana supreme court has ruled that Montana can not deny illegal immigrants from getting your tax dollar funded benefits. This ruling comes despite an over-whelming 80% vote on this issue in 2014. Not only that, state officials can't turn them in to the feds about their immigration status …
Daycare Costs More Than “What” in Montana?
My wife is a stay at home mom not because we can afford it, but because what we have found is we can't afford it otherwise. She has wanted to go to work for awhile now but trying to find child care has just been too much for our pocket book...
How Much is $100 Worth in Montana?
If you are like most of us, you try to get the most bang for your buck with every given opportunity. Trying to make money stretch can be a tricky process.
Coupons, shopping around and plain ol' waiting for the deal are just a few ways my family and I try to get the most for our money...

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