Paul Mushaben

They Are Suing Us
The 3 Billings policemen who were suspended for having sex while on duty, one of them in the police car, are suing Billings. That means they are suing you.
What the hell is that all about? They are lucky they still have a job and now they are suing...
I Want a Recount
After 103.5 inches of snow this winter, we have currently tied the old snow record. I want a recount.
Are you telling me that after all of the different snows we can't find another tenth?
Unless it happens today, this could be it for the year...
Lockwood High School
Ballots went out today for folks in Lockwood. They'll decide if they want a new high school or not. That's the way it should be.
K-8 enrollment is at 1200; it's time for that community to have their own high school. Travel time for kids who drive is at least 45 minutes to Skyview.…
Extra Day
Since the IRS computers were down yesterday, you have an extra day to get your taxes done. So, for the 51% of Americans who pay federal income tax, the extra 24 hours may help.
Never forget that Jon Tester thought that you 51% are not paying enough and he didn't vote for this years tax cuts...
Take The Time
Attention parents, school employees, and business owners! You might want to attend the huge seminar on drug use among teens at the Lincoln center. It's April 19th, this Thursday at 6:30.
You will learn about all the products and tricks being used in the teen drug world...
Not One!
There are 379 high schools in Montana, 583 elementary schools, dozens of colleges and community colleges, trade schools etc. There are 10,000 or so employees in our schools and educational facilities and yet Billings could not find one who could run School District 2...
Bullock Won’t Send Them
Our President has requested National Guard troops to secure our southern border. Even Gov. Jerry Brown from California is sending in 400 members. Bullock will use our Guard to help with fires and floods, but not to help with the flood of drugs and Illegal immigrants storming into our country...
The MHSA announced that it will now combine basketball tourneys.
If schools have boys and girls playing at different venues it costs the school more money, plus the fan base has to split up. This is better for families and schools alike...
Golf Anyone?
I think watching golf makes you want to play golf. I saw part of The Masters during lunch yesterday and I thought how awesome it would be to play at a place like that. Then, I thought, maybe it's only because it looked so green and it was Spring there...
Enough Already
Ok, we set a new record. So, now can we have a little Spring, please? I'm looking forward to some sun and green grass and checking my wells again.
This weather will test your will, patience and resiliency. A sign of better times ahead starts Monday at 5...
Want To Get Into The Cattle Business
Hey, if anyone out there wants to get into the cattle business, I have some bum calves that need to go. This week's special is two for the price of two or three for the price of three. Hurry, this offer will not last long. Member MSGA-RAA
Be A Kid Again
The Shrine circus starts tomorrow in Billings.
It could be one of those things that won't be around much longer. They even bring elephants and tigers; which isn't very common anymore.
Take your kids and enjoy while you still can.....

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