My Son’s Strange Behavior
Meet Ryder. He's my youngest son and is a bubbling little 3 year old until he gets mad of course. When he gets mad there's a lot of crying, rolling around on the floor and so on.
Within the last couple of days or so, my wife and I noticed him doing something kind of strange when he gets mad…
A Few Signs Fall Has Arrived in Billings
Sitting in the Cat Country Studio each weekday afternoon give me an awesome view of our beautiful city. One thing I have noticed over the past few weeks is the gradual change of color in the city's trees.
I do believe Fall is here.
My family and I took a little drive this past Sunday and visited …
Stop the Bullying in Billings — Now! [Opinion]
On Friday while I was on air, I received a frantic call from my wife. From what I could hear, our two middle boys, Ashton and Corban had been hurt by a bully and needed emergency room attention immediately. I shut my show down on the spot and ran to their attention not fully knowing what I would fin…

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