Small School Advantages
Growing up in a small school has it's blessings even though most of the time we don't notice them. Going to a small school can be just as challenging yet rewarding. I grew up in a very small town and know this all too well.
Here are 5 things about going to a small Montana school...
Billings’ Best Teacher
Teachers in my opinion are a very valuable resource. Probably one of the most valuable assets we can have for our kids. The problem is, they don't get thanked enough for what they do. The pay isn't wonderful, appreciation is sometimes low, but all in all these men and women push forward te…
School Closures For Friday (12/16)
Major snow piling up in and around the Magic City has caused many school closures for today. We received so many messages from school officials and want to thank all of you for keeping us informed.
Closures today include:

Billings School District 2 has canceled all extracurricular activities thro…
What Billings High School Has The Most Spirit?
School is back in session and high school football is back on the field. With that comes rivalry. We are better than the other guy and no one is going to tell us different.
I dwelt with it when I was in school and it hasn't died down by any means since I graduated...
Do You Home School Your Kids?
I hate to be the bearer of bad news but school will be back in session soon and there are a lot of options when it comes to schooling our kids.
We have tried sending our kids to public schools in the past but have found that with one of our children it is better if we keep him home...

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