If you haven't had the chance yet to watch Magic Mike, do it now!  I finally was able to watch it this weekend and it was definitely entertaining to say the least.

I liked Matthew McConaughey as the strip club owner, but he was a little rough around the edges for me.  Channing seemed to have all the moves and great lines as well.  I totally understand, more than ever now, why they made Channing Tatum People's Sexiest Man Alive.

I've only seen one other movie(21 Jump Street) with him in it, and loved him in that one as well. The rest of the cast of Magic Mike was pretty good too.  It's not a movie I would want to watch with either my mother or my daughter, but a great flick to watch with the girlfriends!

Which one of the two movies was your favorite?  Do you agree with People in making him Sexiest Man Alive?  Who would you have picked instead?  Let me know!