It looks like it's gonna turn into a nice day, but it was another slow drive into work for Mark and Paul at 3:30 this morning.  Sometimes slush can be even slicker than snow or ice, especially after the thick, wet snow we had last night.  It's reassuring to know that there's one type of driver who can still navigate the treacherous roads without having to slow down...minivan drivers.

Mark drives a a full sized, all wheel drive pickup.  This morning, he got passed by one car. It was a minivan.  Up on the ranch, Paul sees more dirt roads than paved roads.  After the flooding this weekend, there are probably some tanks that couldn't make it through his property.  But you can't count on in it like clockwork, if somebody's flying by him in the snow or ice, it's gonna be a minivan.

We're not exactly sure why every minivan driver thinks they're on the latest episode of "Ice Road Truckers", but we do know this: These people are nuts.  If you should encounter a minivan, please proceed with caution.