First off, you can never go wrong with a dozes roses... never. But you get extra points for creativity. My wife doesn't know it yet and since she doesn't read this blog I'm not really giving anything away but I bought her a memory foam, cooling gel pillow. She has trouble sleeping and our house gets warm in the summer so I'm hoping this helps her sleep longer and more comfortably. That said if you're really looking for the item that he or she has never received here are my top 5 ideas:

1. A weekend at Chico Hot Springs. I've never been but a buddy of mine says it's where you take your lady if you want to score... points.

2. A ski trip to Big Sky Resort.

3. A hot air balloon ride. Granted, February in Billings is the wrong time for this but you can still purchase a certificate for this and take the ride in Spring when it's warmer.

4. A trip to San Francisco. Often times you can find R/T flights as cheap as $240 and it's the closest thing we have to Paris in terms of romantic cities in the Western United States.

5. Naughty Treasure Hunt. Purchase a lot of small but naughty gifts like strawberry shorts cake, massage dice, adult toys etc. and turn it into a treasure hunt with clues and a map.