Dog The Bounty Hunter and his faithful wife and partner Beth are on the streets of Billings, Montana!

Check out Dog and Beth's Bus!

We had previously caught word that Dog and his wife were operating in Wyoming, including the city Casper. And now it looks like their work has brought them to our fair city Billings, Montana!

I was returning to our offices at the Crowne Plaza when I noticed a giant black bus sitting near the front entrance of the hotel.

For the most part the bus is actually quite nondescript. There are only a couple of logos that I could see, and from a distance they blend into the color of the rest of the bust from a distance.

Here is Dog and Beth's In-Town Transportation

Attached to the back of the bus is their more modest transportation. I will assume that this is probably for being able to move within a city with out making a giant scene out of the work they're trying to accomplish.