As we continue to collect your generous donations for Flakesgiving, Paul made an interesting observation this morning.  You hear a lot about the "new country" artists these days.  If you watch the CMA's, you'll see people like Chris Young, Jana Kramer and the Band Perry getting all of the publicity.

However, as the donations pour in from hundreds of people and businesses, the Flakes will sometimes be asked to play a request (which they will happily oblige).  Absolutely nobody requests the trendy "new country" artists.  Why?  Because the kids that like that stuff don't have any money.  They can afford to buy music, but when it comes to buying meals for hungry families, the old timers are driving the tractor.  And they want to hear the old stuff.  The good stuff.

That's just one of the reasons why Mark and Paul are proud to be "old school".  The Flakes know who butters their bread.  The lesson to be learned here is, when it comes to targeting people who are willing and able to fund an operation like Flakesgiving, don't make us go all "redneck crazy".