For those of you who don't know, the Flakes blog is written by our Marketing and Promotions Director Rick.  If you ever go to a Cat Country event, chances are you'll see me setting up equipment and hanging banners.

Last night, one of our other Townsquare Media radio stations hosted an event at a local bar.  Since the Cat Country van has most of our equipment, I drove it to the bar.  At about 10 pm, a really drunk guy shouted across the parking lot, "Hey, are you Paul from the Breakfast Flakes?"

I explained to him that the chances of seeing Paul at a bar at 10 pm on a weeknight are slim and none.  He then had a request.  He wanted me to ask Paul to "like" him on Facebook.  I told him that he'd have better odds of inviting Paul over to his house for Easter dinner before he "liked" someone's Facebook page.

At first he seemed disappointed.  Then he thought for a second.  "Well, can you get Mark to like my Facebook page then?"  Consider it done.

On behalf of the Flakes, we'd like to thank all of the Cat Country fans for listening over the years.  Even the drunk guys at the bar.