There's plenty to see and do at MontanaFair without spending more money after gate admission. Plus if you pay attention to the daily deals, you can get at least $2 dollars off gate admission any day, and sometimes certain age groups are free. Even if you spend a fortune on the carnival and food, you can enjoy these acts on the midway without spending another dime.

Here's our top five things to see free with gate admission at MontanaFair this year.

The Blond Curly Haired Magician

Jeff Martin has over 25 years of full-time professional experience as a comedy magician focusing on ‘clean’ family-style entertainment. He has the ability to make people of ALL ages smile, laugh, giggle and simply marvel at the wonders of comedy magic. Fair-goers will be able to enjoy watching Jeff Martin perform magic tricks daily in a close-up setting as he strolls around the fairgrounds. Click here for schedule.

Combining the rare skills of excellent trainers and the incredible instincts of the wild as well as domestic animals with which they have become friends, Kevin and Martina will delight and amaze their audience with fun, education and great entertainment for the whole family. “Wild about Monkeys” is the only traveling animal exhibition that features trained baboons. The Mandrill baboon is the only one of his kind to be safely and humanely handled on stage today. When a movie producer needs a performing baboon, chances are they will call Kevin and Martina Keith – the hosts of “Wild about Monkeys”. Training Baboons is their specialty. They believe baboons to be, by far the most socially intelligent primate. Click here for schedule.

The Bronx Wanderers

Being a teenager on an avenue in the Bronx back in the 50’s and early 60’s was unlike being a kid anywhere else in the universe. There was a magic in the air that blended right in with the sweet aroma of Mama’s cooking. It was the liberating sound of doo-wop and rock and roll. This music had heart, soul, purity and a sound… oh the sound…tunes that made you want to dance…harmonies that made you high…lyrics that once in a while, even made you cry. With superlative vocals and musicianship, dynamic enthusiasm and a genuine love of the music they perform, The Bronx Wanderers recreate the magic of the era and build an energetic bond with their audience, guaranteeing an evening of toe-tapping, hand clapping and dancing all night long. Click here for schedule.

Piano Wars – Dueling Pianos

Check out Piano Wars, high-energy entertainment every day at the Exchange Club Patio. Two performers at two pianos take turns singing and playing songs as requested by members of the audience. Diverse styles of music from all decades will be played. Audience participation abounds, with sing-along, dancing, call-downs, parodies, song battles and show tunes. Click here for schedule.

Swoop Motorcycle Stunt Show

At a Swoop Productions street bike stunt show, you can expect wheelies, spins, circles, seat stands, burnouts and many other high-speed, heart-stopping stunts. Based out of Helena, the stunt team is made up of highly-skilled riders from Montana and throughout the Northwest. The stunt track and obstacle course are set up in the Stunt Zone where a long strip of pavement allows riders to strut their stuff and challenge themselves as individuals. They ride compact high-performance sport motorcycles likethose often seen on Billings streets.

Swoop Productions riders promote safety and control, and provide a family-friendly atmosphere during every show. Combining an innovative obstacle course with a family-oriented atmosphere, highly skilled riders perform electrifying stunts that will leave each member of the audience with unforgettable memories. Click here for complete schedule.

Have a cheap, fun-filled day at MontanaFair!