Some good news folks! We can all enjoy visiting Yellowstone and other national parks and not pay a dime. It’s all for free! Yep you heard us right - everyone will be admitted for free on National Public Lands Day coming up on September 28th!M

The people in charge feel this is a great way to encourage visitors to come to the park and enjoy this amazing place we are lucky enough to live in. How cool is that!

So how much are you going to save? Typically the cost of the seven-day pass to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks is $25 for private vehicles. You’re still going to have to pay the camping fees and other fees though. They will still apply on National Public Lands Day.

Never mind that this comes at the end of the month, when the weather is cooler. And daylight is getting shorter. And the kids are in school. Hey, it’s free.

The Park Service is hoping to encourage more people to take advantage of this awesome place with a free pass! And if you miss the 28th this month, the agency also plans to waive entrance fees on November 9-11 to mark the Veteran's Day holiday. Two chances to visit some of the beauty in our area for free!

And like we say, free is the best price of all.