There's something spooky going on in the Crowne Plaza.  Perhaps it's a Friday the 13th thing.  You decide.

Cat Country is on the 23rd floor of the Crowne--the tallest building in Montana with a radio station in it. (don't want to hurt the feelings of people who made the First Interstate Bank tower 8 feet taller.)  There have been all sorts of rumors of ghosts in the building.  I've heard suggestions the 19th floor is haunted by a former guest.  Employees have told stories of lights coming on for no apparent reason, and odors that really don't fit the areas of the floor.

Anyway back to the story.  Traveling to the 23rd floor as is a normal event on any Friday.  This however, IS Friday the 13th.  I stumble into the elevator and punch button 23.  There's just me and the mirrors to keep me company on the long ride from the 2nd floor to the spacious Cat studios on 23.

I look up to see the button for the 19th floor on.

I didn't touch it.  There's no one else in the elevator.  The light just came on for no apparent reason.  My heart jumps a bit as you could guess.  If something strange like that happened to you, wouldn't you begin to doubt yourself.

The same thing happens at night when leaving the building.  The elevator ALWAYS stops on 19 on the way down.  Even if all the lights in the offices on 19 are off and the floor is abandoned, the elevator halts on the 19th floor.

The next time you have occasion to visit Cat in the Crowne Plaza, watch the elevator on your way to 23.  Come to think of it, its really the 22nd floor since the Crowne doesn't have a 13th floor.  That's a little spooky.