Happy Easter from the Flakes.  It's a bittersweet holiday for Mark, due to his aversion to ham.

Don't you just hate it when someone invites you over to their house for dinner and cooks something you don't like?  That's just rude.  Paul pointed out that Easter isn't necessarily a "ham holiday".  Mark believes that hosts should be more considerate towards those guests who don't like ham.  (Editor's note:  who doesn't like ham?  What's wrong with you Mark?)  However, Mark is willing to compromise.  He will have a piece of spiral cut, honey baked ham, so long as their is enough mashed potatoes and gravy to cover up the taste.

Mark will help himself to all the jelly beans he can eat.  You will also want to set aside a few chocolate bunnies for him to consume.  When asked about marshmallow peeps, Mark had "no comment".