A couple of years ago my wife found two terrier mixes running along side the freeway. She has a very soft spot for strays and has save many furry lives over the years and has found homes for at least a dozen dogs. Unfortunately these two were not housebroken and they bark just about any time they see something move. They are often quiet for hours at a time but if they think we're coming in the back yard or our neighbor is in his back yard moving around they'll bark. Our neighbor threatened us with legal action which, in our opinion, was over the top as they didn't bark at night because we brought them inside by 9pm and the barking wasn't constant. Admittedly though it got on our nerves too.

How did we get the dogs to stop barking? With an egg... OK so I took a little creative license with my headline as an actual chicken egg or any other kind of animal egg for that matter can't stop dogs from barking. What does work however is the "Sonic Egg" by Sunbeam. It has a sensor that can detect when a dog is barking from up to 50 feet away and when a dog barks it emits a high pitched tone inaudible to human ears but which is in a dog's hearing range and which your pooch will find very irritating. If you have barking dogs and it's causing friction with your neighbors I would get this or a similar device because I've never seen anything so effective.