Don't you just hate it when you're driving along and, through no fault of your own, your car will decide that it wants to rear off the side of the road and get stuck?  Clearly, it's the car's fault, not yours.  The fact that you were talking on your cell phone had absolutely nothing to do with it.

This morning, Mark mentioned that his lovely girlfriend had recently ran off the road and got stuck in a snowbank.  Paul knows the feeling.  Things like this happen at his house all the time.  For example, when the towel rack breaks all by itself.  Or the door handle breaks on the pickup.  Things just break.  It's not because you were pulling on the door handle.

That's why Paul recommends that if an object isn't doing what you want it to do, try slamming it.  It will surely work better.  Take, for example, the dishwasher. If the top rack of the dishwasher won't close because there are too many cups in it, don't remove one of the cups, just slam the dishwasher shut.

Sadly, technology advances have been unable to keep up with the alarming number of objects and products that just break, for no reason, all by themselves.  What happened to pride in workmanship?  Sure, they can make cars that speed all by themselves, but why can't they change their own oil?  And why is that every single car sold in this country comes with fast food wrappers in the back seat?  It's just not right, and it's totally not our fault.  We're flawless.