According to Jerrod Neimann's fan "pub" website the man who sings hits like "One More Drinkin' Song", "Lover Lover" and "Shinin' On Me" will perform this Thursday at the Southeastern Montana Fairgrounds in Miles City and that is as close as he will get to the Magic City as he heads off to Spokane on Friday.

While Neimann is not playing to stadium sized crowds he feels lucky just to be alive. Last March, after a performance in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the 32 year-old singer and his band, father and uncle narrowly escaped with their lives after his tour bus caught fire. He credits fellow country singer Lee Brice with saving his life. According to PEOPLE magazine, who interviewed Neimann after the fire, he stated "I smelled something when I got on the bus but I figured it was that smell a heater makes when it comes on. Jon Stone, a songwriter who was with us because he wrote Lee Brice's new song, said, 'Dude, I think your bus is on fire.' " I said, 'No, that's the heater.' But he had been on Lee's bus when it caught on fire just recently, so he was pretty adamant. He and Lee went outside and Lee came back on and said, 'No dude, this bus is on fire! You need to get your stuff and get off now!' "