Mark was a little groggy this morning after attending the Kenny Rogers concert last night at the Alberta Bair Theater.  But it was well worth it because Kenny put on a heckuva show.

Mark was concerned that Kenny's recent health problems might affect his performance.  He looked and sounded great.  Of course, there's nothing worse than paying good money to see an artist and they don't play your favorite songs.  Kenny Rogers did a few tracks off the new album, but for the most part, he stuck to the hits.  And he's got a bunch of those.

And what a venue.  ABT is the still the best place in Billings to see a concert.

Another great thing about the concert was that it was over just after 9 pm.  Just the way Mark likes it.  Since the average age of the sold out crowd was mid 50's, they probably appreciated it to.

Mark only had one complaint.  People who show up late and leave early.  Why would someone pay to see a concert then show up 30 minutes late?  Of course, those are the same people who leave early.  If you don't want to see the band, stay home.  Or at least, don't disrupt the people who are enjoying the show.

All in all, it was  great night.  And the sold out crowd proves that Billings will support live music if promoters brings the right artists to town.