Years ago watching American Pickers gave me the bug for buying and selling. Unfortunately I was terrible at it... initially. I bought a Radio Flyer scooter from the early 1950's for $45 and sold it for $20... a $25 loss. One of the reasons I did so poorly is that I had no passion for the things I was buying and I hadn't researched the real value.

That changed when I started focusing on vintage items from the 50's and 60's known as Mid Century Modern... particularly what's known as the Atomic Age. So I started looking for 2 tiered end tables, Danish style coffee tables and what is known as 40 X 4 stacking chairs.

At the Montana Rescue Mission I found something made by Lane Furniture in the early 60's that stores old records. I bought it for $19.99. I know it's Lane because the old tag was left inside. I haven't sold it yet but on the websites I've posted it on it's my most viewed item so it's just a matter of time.