In week 9 I was a pedestrian 7-6 but with all of the upsets and weirdness of the week I'm guessing in most office pools 9 or 10 wins were good enough. The winning team is in bold and I've left the comments from my original predictions.

1. Incorrect. How do you lose a football game on a walk off safety? Bengals at Dolphins. Cincinnati smoked the Jets who had beaten New England the previous week. The Bengals are officially on the rise.

2. Correct! I guess it really wasn't that much of an upset after all. Falcons at Panthers. This is my upset special. Atlanta has the best starting tandem at WR in the league… and they’re both out.

3. Correct! With just a decent QB Minnesota would have won. Vikings at Cowboys. Minnesota is at least decent at most things, they have a great RB but they’re absolute lack of talent at QB is glaring.

4. Incorrect. The Jets are inconsistent but they obviously have a lot of talent and will go as far as rookie QB Geno Smith can take them which is probably to the edge of the playoffs. Saints at Jets. New Orleans is a Super Bowl contender.

5. Incorrect. The Rams lost a game they should have won. Titans at Rams. I’m inclined to think the Rams can build off Monday nights stunning defensive performance and win… even with Kellen Clemens at QB.

6. Correct! The Chiefs defense comes up big again. It'll be interesting to see what happens when Alex Smith is asked to win a game rather than just "managing" a game. Chiefs at Bills. KC will remain undefeated.

7. Incorrect. San Diego tied it up and sent this contest to OT but their defense let them down again. Chargers at Redskins. Washington is slowly improving at RGIII gets healthy but their defense is atrocious.

8. Incorrect. Probably my biggest miss of the week. Who expected Nick Foles to throw 7 TD's? Any Given Sunday as they say. Eagles at Raiders. Philly will be vying for a top 5 draft pick in 2014.

9. Correct! Tampa gave Seattle all they could handle though. At this point the 'Hags have to be the worst 8-1 team in the NFL. Bucs at Seahawks. Pahleeze.

10. Correct! My how the mighty have fallen. Ravens at Browns. Tossup but Cleveland is at home.

11. Correct! New England is getting healthy at just the right time. Watch out! Steelers at Patriots. New England going away.

12. Correct! Houston probably pulls off the upset if Gary Kubiak doesn't fall ill with a mini-stroke at half-time. Best wishes to the Texans coach and his family on a speedy recovery. Colts at Texans. Indy is just at tough on the road as they are at home. 2nd best team in the AFC… by the end of the season they could be the best. Time will tell.

13. Incorrect. Probably a much different result though if Aaron Rodgers doesn't crack his collar bone on Green Bay's first drive of the game. Bears at Packers. Green Bay isn’t the juggernaut some thought they would be but should be able to take care of a Cutler-less Chicago squad.