A "draft proposal" which would tax cars by the mile is a non starter here.  The proposal, from which the Obama Administration is rapidly distancing itself, was reported by the Washington D.C. web site, TheHill.com.

TheHill.com reported,
The plan is a part of the administration's Transportation Opportunities Act, an undated draft of which was obtained this week by Transportation Weekly.

Cat Country listeners at first thought the whole idea WAS a joke, then became increasingly upset.

Torrey Anderson lol! thats funny!

Dodie Clapper Stupidest damn thing I have heard of....how about taxing AirForce One for all the miles its flies..

Devienne Teeters Seems pretty unfair in states bigger than the ones on the east coast.

Darlene 'Chick' Brogan Then he darn sure better start commuting from Montana himself...where a dentist might be 200 miles away to get a wisdom tooth removed AND you have to drive 70+ miles to work everyday.

The story goes on to suggest mileage would be tracked with a device placed on your car to see how far you had driven. The Congressional Budget Office got involved with this idea, when it was asked by Senator Kent Conrad (D-N.D) for ideas on how to implement the idea to increase funding for roads.