Okay, so tonight I was super busy.  One t-ball practice and one game in one night! Phew! What a night!  But I survived..barely!

My youngest son had his very first practice tonight for t-ball.  One word to describe it would be "hilarious".  I love the little guys all in their jersey's, running around chasing the ever, elusive baseball.  It was like "herding cats"!  I had a smile on the entire time!

Tara Nicole

You've got to be that special kind of someone to coach this game.  We are lucky, I think, as our coach, is that special kind of someone.  It's only one practice so far, but he did a great job!  Extremely patient, and kind.  Wow!  What a guy!

Tara Nicole

My oldest son had his fifth game tonight and it was a great game!  It was a nice night and they boys hit the ball well.  A few catches were dropped and few throws were off, but all in all, they did great!  Congrats to their coach for being such a good coach.  But please, don't ever tell him I said so!  He'd never let me live it down!

The boys ended up winning 12-4.  The other team put up a great fight too.  I was worried the whole game because of them.  Way to go boys on Team Absolute Vinyl, you  did awesome!

Now on to game six!