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I’m A Child At Heart
Being young at heart is a blessing. I require attention and should never be left unattended at any time.
When we go to a place that takes your food order, then asks for your name to call when it's ready, I tell them that my name is "Elvis"...
Do You Tip On Carry Out?
Making a quick stop on your way home tonight to pick up some carry out? If so, do you tip the person that walks it out of the restaurant to your car? I feel like a jerk because I never thought of doing that.
Does This Count As Visiting?
I have flown a lot recently because of my job. In and out of California, Montana and Minnesota just to name of few. The only place that I hadn't been to before flying into it wass Minneapolis/St. Paul airport around New Years when I made a stop there on my way to Sacramento.
Can you imagine getting through these cold snaps without power? What a great job Northwestern Energy and The Yellowstone Valley Electric co-op do in keeping the lights on. It makes all of our lives much better. A job well done, guys, see ya Monday at 5...
What Is Your Dog Eating?
It's not too uncommon to see a dog eating something that seems really strange to us...but to actually love it and beg for it is a totally different story.
We have had our dog Mason for about a year and a half now. He's one of the best dogs we've ever had but like most dogs, he gets som…
Best Movie Based In Montana?
I am a big fan of movies, so when I was searching the internet I came across something interesting. Thrillist has a list of the best movies that are set in every state. The highlights include: "To Kill a Mockingbird" in Alabama, "Napoleon Dynamite" in Idaho, …
Billings Gasoline
I overspend on my vehicle maintenance. I always run the 91 octane premium in everything from my pickup on down to my leaf blower. But, I know nothing about the 3 refineries in our area.
Does Conoco outperform Exxon? Or does Cenex have the good stuff...
Wrestling Tourney
Maybe after the all-class wrestling tourney this week at the Metra, where 14,000 people will watch, the MHSA might consider doing an all-class football championship day in Bozeman. More people would go, more exposure for the kids, more recruiters could see more athletes in a better venue and town wi…

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