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Tris Munsick and The Innocents At The Chokecherry Jam
Met a great band today here at the Cat Country studios. Tris Munsick and the Innocents stopped by on their way to Lewistown to play at the Chokecherry Jam. Less than a two hour drive from Billings if you want to make the show tonight. If you can't do it, I'd say you should visit their we…
Teachers Asking Students To Call Them By Their First Name
It's rare that I call anyone Mr. or Mrs. anything these days; with one exception: Teachers. For some reason, I do not feel comfortable calling my former teachers by their first name. It just doesn't sound right coming out of my mouth. One of my teachers is only a few years older than m…
National Read A Book Day
My 10 year old daughter and I recently started reading Treasure Island and will hopefully finish it before her teen years. Reading is one of the best mental exercises you can do to keep your brain sharp, so I'm really hoping that she decides to make reading a life long habit.
Security at the Double Tree for the POTUS
There will definitely be some frustrated drivers in Billings today (9/6/2018), but do your best to be patient. Here at the Double Tree hotel, visitors are going through a TSA style checkpoint and you will notice lots of suits, ties, guns and earpieces in the lobby (I was afraid to take their picture…

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