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Judge Sued for Immigrant Detention
The Billings Gazette reports that a local immigrant rights group claimed on Monday that a Montana judge acted illegally when he asked a deputy to take away from his court a Mexican-born man who was later detained by federal immigration authorities...
I'm instituting a new rule at our house. No more grabbing things off the grill wearing only socks.
As I was pulling my brisket off of the Traeger on Saturday, some hot liquid escaped it's tinfoil prison and hit the top of my foot.
Dumb, I know, but educational...
Happy Birthday
Cat Country turns 30 years old this week. March 1st is the big day.
Join us this week as we reminisce about the past 30 years and talk about the remaining 22 months. See ya tomorrow at 5.
5 Crazy Billings Laws
Every state and every city in the nation has them. Dumb laws that were formed a long time ago and no one has thought to change them since the pen hit the paper.
Singh Contracting – Roofing
Storm damage can be unexpected and stressful, but we specialize in trouble-shooting and fixing damage caused by hail, high winds and other acts of nature.
When it comes to roofing installation and replacement, we have years of experience with both residential and commercial roofs, specifically these …
MT Lawmakers on Arming Teachers
The Billings Gazette reports on Montana lawmakers’ response to President Donald Trump’s endorsement Wednesday of arming teachers as a solution to school shootings.
Neither Republican U.S. Senator Steve Daines nor Democratic Sen. Jon Tester considered training and armin…
Smoking Prohibition
A new rule prohibiting smoking within 20 feet of public entryways, windows or ventilation systems will take effect in Yellowstone County on March 1. Q2 reports that Rule 7 was voted in by the RiverStone Board of Health in December. The rule will also ban the use of e-cigarettes and other vaping devi…
The Wilson Way!
I was very pleasantly surprised to get a huge box of goodies at work this morning from "Mark Wilson's Better Used Cars"
I contacted them about a month ago, offering to buy one of their caps with my name on it. So, they sent me one PLUS a license plate frame, pens, emblems to st…
A Job Well Done
I think the road crews have done a great job over the last few weeks keeping the roads navigable. Finally, this weekend, sunshine and 30s. Get some sleep guys, you know we are going to need you again. Good job, see ya Monday at 5..........
Red Lodge Man Arrested
A Red Lodge man was arrested Thursday morning for the murder of a homeless man who was reported missing Monday. Thomas Schifferns was being held at the Yellowstone County jail on a $1 million bond, according to Carbon County Sheriff Josh McQuillan...

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