When Paul and his son Jake went to a basketball game at Metra Park on Saturday night, they never expected they'd be chasing down a criminal.

The saga started when they saw a bunch of Yellowstone Country Sheriffs looking for a suspect in Metra Park's upper parking lot.  As they were walking to the arena, they saw a guy hiding underneath a car.  When the criminal realized that he had been spotted, he took off running.  Unfortunately for him, Paul's son Jake is a track and field athlete and was in hot pursuit.

As they chased the crook, he had taken off his jacket and bought a ticket to the game.  And he probably thought he was gonna get away from the cops.  But he couldn't get away from Paul and Jake.  They picked up the jacket the man had thrown down, then they followed the guy into the arena and waited around the corner until the police arrived and hauled the would be thief off to jail.  The best part of the whole story is, not only did the criminal get busted, but he had to pay $12 to get into the game.