Yesterday, the Flakes called out the Billings PD for increasing patrols at Pioneer Park after some hoodlum shot a rabbit with a dart.  We think they have more important things to do than trying to bust a hell raising teenager.  And they do.

But for Paul, it goes deeper than that.  He is sick and tired of rabbits taking over our land.  Evidently, these immoral animals have been breeding a lot lately because there are thousands of rabbits out on his ranch this summer.  He can't drive into work without seeing at least one rabbit scampering across the road.

Which makes us long for the good old days back when people hunted and ate rabbits.  Nowadays, the rabbit population is out of control because there's not enough people to shoot them.  It's the same thing as prairie dogs.  If you don't take them out, they will take over your property.

That's why Paul is encouraging every farmer and rancher in Montana to join his campaign against the horny varmints. Do your part to help control the population and take out a rabbit today.