One of the big stories this week has been the conflict between the Bureau of Land Management and Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy.  This morning, a loyal listener named Travis sent an e-mail wondering what Paul thinks about the controversy.

As many of you know, Paul is a rancher and has been for years.  Paul believes, in this case, the rancher should have paid his grazing fees.  They've been after him for years.  He says he doesn't have to pay because his family has been grazing on that land for a century.  Well that's great, but things change.  Now, when you put cows on government land, you have to pay your grazing fees.  If you don't, you lose your privileges.  If he would have paid his fees, there would be no problem at all. This guy owes millions of dollars in back fees.  Ranchers all over the country play by the rules, this guy should too.