Thanksgiving is over, and you ate so much that you feel like a stuffed turkey! So grab your tail feathers, get off the couch and take advantage of this killer special deal from Billings Athletic Club! Get a BAC Health club membership for the month of December ONLY for just $20. A Jackson. Again, 20 bucks. That’s a 73% discount off the regular price of $75! Call the BAC to take advantage of this one time offer at 259-2626! So besides the screaming deal, why should you work out at the BAC? I’ll give you 5 great reasons…

  • Tons of Fitness Classes

    The BAC offers a variety of group fitness classes. We’re not talking about just a few classes, but over 50 classes a week! From spinning to yoga, water aerobics to Zumba, and everything in between, they’ve got a class for everybody. What are you waiting for? Grab your friends and have fun getting fit.

  • It's Adult Friendly, AND Family Friendly

    Nothing’s worse than someone’s obnoxious kid messing with the equipment at the gym. Fortunately, the BAC is an “Adults Only” facility during the week to insure you get a quality workout. Of course, if you’re looking to get the entire family active, the BAC serves as a “Family Friendly” club on the weekends. Mom and Dad, get some “you” time in the club during the week so the whole family can enjoy their time together on the weekend.

  • They Have Racquetball Courts

    Grab those safety glasses and start working on your swing! The Billings Athletic Club is one of only a few places in town that offers racquetball. Challenge you’re friends and get a quality workout while having a blast.

  • High Tech "Life Circuit" Training

    Strength training is a crucial part of any workout. Luckily, the BAC offers computerized “Life Circuit” strength training equipment. This high tech, user friendly equipment takes all of the guess work out of lifting weights. Each machine develops a custom workout based on your strength, so you know you’re lifting the perfect amount of weight to get results without hurting yourself.

  • It's the "Cleanliest" and Friendliest Club in Billings

    The Billings Athletic Club has always been the cleanest and friendliest club in town. With a knowledgeable and diligent staff, you’re guaranteed to get a quality workout in a clean, comfortable facility. Whether you have questions about memberships, equipment or classes, the great staff at the BAC will be happy to answer any and all of your questions.