Like millions of fans all over the world, Mark and Paul admired Robin Williams.  He will go down as one of the all time greats.  This morning, the Flakes were reflecting on the tragedy, and Paul was reminded of a loyal Flakes listener who took his own life several years ago.

He was a young man who listened to the Flakes every day.  He sent several e-mails over the years telling Mark and Paul how much he enjoyed the show.  In one of those e-mails, he even said that listening to the show was the only good thing in his life.  Sadly, his life ended way too soon.  To this day, whenever the Flakes hear about someone committing suicide, they still remember that young man.

As tragic as the death of Robin Williams is, there are many families here in Billings who have dealt with the pain of losing a family member to suicide.  If you know someone who is hurting, reach out to them and let them know that you care.