The last couple of years for Sara Evans have been anything but comfortable.  The very public divorce that began with her sudden departure from Dancing With The Stars through the accusations on both sides of infidelity made for a tough go for the 2006 ACM Female Vocalist of the Year.

Now with new husband,  Jay Barker, a new single "A Little Bit Stronger", and a new book, Softly and Tenderly (A Songbird Novel) Sara's career seems to be moving forward once again.

Sara describes the main premise of her book

"People who are divorcing and they have children, I wanted them to see that from [the book's main character] Jade's eyes. What it felt like to for them to hear their parents arguing. Sometimes divorce is inevitable, but if a woman reads this book, or even a man, and they fight with their spouse, that it's just so hard for the children to be in that situation, to be hearing that."

Check out the new book from Sara Evans, Softly and Tenderly (A Songbird Novel) You can hear the new single playing now on Cat Country.