What's going on?

I'm Ready
It's time for me to recharge my batteries.
Under Fire
President Trump is under fire for his comment yesterday.
Color Coordinated
I see now the major home improvement stores have a color coordinated display.
Punish Them With Recess
School district 2 will consider a new policy that will allow kids being punished to go to recess.
Gymnastics School
The city council made a mistake by not letting a family build a new gymnastics school on the west end.
Work Out
A lot of people join clubs in the new year so they can work out.
In A Week
Last Sunday, I had 31 below zero with over 50 below wind chill factors.
Traffic Deaths
Last year, Montana finished with 186 traffic deaths.
It's A Ticket
Don't try and warm up your car in the driveway this winter!
More Feed
When it gets cold, everyone needs more food.
Thank You All
Paul wants to say thank you for this past year.
Prime Rib
Who has the best prime rib in Billings?
Live Tree Viagra
Paul has a tip on how to keep your live Christmas tree looking great!
It Never Goes Bad
I vacuumed the basement couch yesterday and found an old ChapStick in the side.
24 Days
Christmas Is Almost Here
Property Taxes
Don't forget your property taxes are due tomorrow.
Time For A Test
Our senator needs to take what I am calling a "lie de-Tester" test.
Happy Thanksgiving
I hope each one of you out there will be able to put all things on hold Thursday to enjoy time with your family.