What's going on?

What do you think these funds should go towards?
Radio Shack
Is this the end of the Local Businesses era?
It's Time
Can you see your dog in the hay? Decide what kind of year you're having!
Dog Tired
The saying "dog tired" finally makes sense.
Raging Rivers
Too many have already been lost this year due to runoff season, we need some kind of restriction put in place to ensure safety for the future.
Food Trucks at Schools
Keeping it safe for our Children to hire food trunks to park on school campus so they wouldn't have to leave to have a different lunch.
Fathers Day
Be the best father you can be, it's never too late to start. Have a wonderful fathers day and weekend!
No Oldies Today
Sorry we don't have the oldies hours today. Crazy computers. We will make it up to you tomorrow. Tune in!
Why do people have such animosity for people who have worked hard and become wealthy or even just really comfortable?
It's Working
Jon Tester's campaign is now trying to counter his nickname that he earned after supporting the horrific Iran deal.
The Letter
Paul got a letter from a listener this morning.
41,000 Votes
It only took 41,000 votes for Matt Rosendale to win the primary election.