What's going on?

Trip Of A Lifetime
Tonight is your first chance to get qualified for the Flakes trip to Jamaica!
Out Of State
Paul's contemplating the issue of running for office when you're from out of state.
How Things Were
Paul takes some time this morning to remember the way things were seventeen years ago.
The Cost Of A Visit
These politicians get plenty of our tax dollars. They can pay their own bills.
State Sport
California has just made surfing their official state sport. I was wondering what Montana's would be?
Start Of School
It seems like all the schools are starting at different times now.
On The Move
We had a visitor last night on the driveway.
Child Abuse
This new child sex abuse story with the priest in Pennsylvania makes me absolutely sick to my stomach.
Billings is looking a bit smokey after the recent wild fires, hopefully the air will start clearing up since they've gotten the fires under control.
NFL or America?
I will choose America over the NFL any day, and I'm sure most Americans would.
The Mustang
Ten-Million Mustangs are out there now, and they're about that much in price.
Back To School Shopping
I can assume that it's cheaper for parents to shop now rather than later considering the sales are happening now.
A Trillion Dollars
Everyone is celebrating the fact that Apple is now the first trillion dollar company and praising Steve Jobs for starting his business out of his garage.
Weird Weather
I don't know what's up but I have a bad feeling about the next two days.
A Special Place
This morning we raised enough money to give a young man his life back with a custom fit wheelchair.
Modern Dating
A dating site for Cat Country would be the perfect site for finding your soul mate.
Pups In The Park
Tonight at the Mustang game you can bring your dog to the ballpark.