What's going on?

Another visit....
President Trump will be visiting Missoula on Oct.18th. This will be his third visit and it should be interesting holding a rally there. By the way, how come Jon Tester still has not had any of the big Democrats come to Montana to speak on his behalf...
Oh No!
The Farmer's Almanac always claimed that you could tell how bad the Winter was going to be by the fur of a woolly worm. I took this picture yesterday and I can't tell. I do know that Mark's beard is thicker than normal. It might be a bad one...
Hold on Billings
It appears to me that not one of the city administrator candidate is a fiscal conservative.
1 Month To Go
I bet you thought I was talking about the Election?
Antelope and Women
Does anyone find it coincidental that the weekend of the Women's Expo is also the start of Antelope season; Perfect!
The Zimmerman construction project is on schedule for completion Nov.12.
Testers Vote
Does anyone out there want to place a bet on how Washington D.C. millionaire Jon Tester will vote on Judge Kavanaugh?
What About I-186
Since most of you hate talking about I-185, what about I-186?
New Commercial
Jon Tester is supporting local commercial bashing Matt Rosendale for making a living selling Real Estate.
Average Age
Life expectancy has declined instead of increased according to the CDC.
A Mad Listener
Sorry you are going to miss the rest of this great journey.
Have any of you noticed how long our gas price has been $2.82?
Children On Drugs
A report released Monday by the Department of Health and Human Services revealed that about a third of kids are now on some type of psychiatric drug.
No Anthems
Maybe the hurricane had something to do with it but the proof is in the pudding. People will put their Country FIRST.
Trip Of A Lifetime
Tonight is your first chance to get qualified for the Flakes trip to Jamaica!
Out Of State
Paul's contemplating the issue of running for office when you're from out of state.