What's going on?

FHD epidemic
You people thought I was kidding when I came up with the medical term FHD.
No Mexico
The State Dept. has issued a travel warning for Americans traveling to Playa Del Carmen.
High Alert
Fire departments, emergency rooms and first responders should be on high alert today.
Wyoming is Right
The House in Wyoming has endorsed the Stand Your Ground bill.
Remember This
This was our first bumper sticker 30 years ago.
Not If But When
With the record breaking snow we have had you know that it is going to flood.
A Job Well Done
I think the road crews have done a great job over the last few weeks keeping the roads navigable.
I Quit
I took this picture yesterday while I was feeding my cows. He told me he doesn't want to represent America anymore.
Kids Count
We are raising money all day today for the Pediatric Care Unit at St. Vs hospital.
The Parade
The St. Patty's Day parade is 3 weeks from Saturday.
Eye Opener
I hope you were all able to hear our interview today with our Billings Police chief.
Shaun White
I expected more from Shaun White.
Parade Candy
The DBA in Billings wants stricter enforcement of the no candy for kids law at our parades.
Missed It
Saturday, I woke up and it was 27 below.
Can you imagine getting through these cold snaps without power? What a great job Northwestern Energy and The Yellowstone Valley Electric co-op do in keeping the lights on. It makes all of our lives much better. A job well done, guys, see ya Monday at 5...
Wrestling Tourney
Maybe after the all-class wrestling tourney this week at the Metra, the MHSA might consider doing an all-class football championship day in Bozeman.