I personally love to find dumb things. Things that are misspelled. Goofy story stuff. The kind of things you see on You Tube or the Web Site Epic Fail.com. Those off the wall dumb things. E-mail is always a great source for this kind of stuff. Anytime you find an item in your e-mail box, send it on. Or add it to the comments</p> <p>I've noticed over time these stories always seem to come from one or two states. Like the story about the 90+ year old woman who fired a gun at a 50ish boyfriend because she didn't get kissed..</p> <p><b>Florida</b></p> <p>Or the story of the naked man firing his gun at a SWAT team robot</p> <p><b>Yep, Florida</b></p> <p><img class=">But it's California that has the biggest collection of fruits and nuts, I mean interesting stories. Case in point, this article in the editorial section of a local newspaper in the Bay Area of San Francisco.