I Quit
I took this picture yesterday while I was feeding my cows. He told me he doesn't want to represent America anymore. He's a symbol of strength and beauty and feels like we are letting him down.
I told him he is always welcomed here and there are some of us out there that still believe in Ame…
Election = Less Fast Food?
The powers at some of the nations largest fast food chain are claiming that this year's Presidential election has caused major decline in sales.
Word from Popeyes, Wendy's and Yum! which owns Pizza Hut, WingStreet, KFC and Taco Bell says the public's uncertainty of our country's f…
Healing America
The divide in America has never been greater than it is right now.
Our President over the last 8 years has fanned the flames of hate.  He has elevated the hatred between black and white, caused turmoil between the LGBT and heterosexuals.  H...
What a Week
What a week this has been.
The FBI lost all their credibility.  The attack on our nation's policemen continues.  In Boulder Colorado they banned ice cream for kids.  And America celebrated their independence as people ridiculed Britain for wanting theirs back.
Freedoms and Independence
I hope all of you have a safe and enjoyable holiday.
Not many people will even think about the significance of the 4th.  I will be thinking about all the freedoms that we have lost and how my America is changing.  We have lost so many of the things that made this country great...
America, The Consumerist Society
Many folks, especially during political season, lament that it's the lack of morals that has led to what they believe is the downfall of America. You constantly hear the chant "We have to take America back", whatever that means. Usually they don't like who is in power bec…
Today Is Election Day So Get Out And Vote!
The most patriotic thing you can do, other than serve in the military, is vote. We are privileged in this country to be able to decide who our leaders are. There are those who want to make it harder for you to vote and would rather you didn't...
What Are America’s Most Expensive Colleges?
Forbes, along with the Center for College Affordability & Productivity, tallied up the cost of tuition, books, transportation, computers, and room and board to determine the new list of America’s most expensive colleges. And some of them may surprise you.

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