Five Tips for Scoring Antiques at Garage Sales
Every garage sale lover dreams of finding that one-of-a-kind item for “real cheap”.  Be it a vintage lamp or a unique piece of home décor, the thought of picking up a special item for a good price drives many shoppers to go out week after week...
Thrifting… Hobby Or Sickness?
My co-worker Rick thinks I've become one of "those people"... the kind who go to thrift stores and garage sales and buy knick-knacks and become hoarders. Oh contrare... I do go to thrift stores like Montana Rescue Mission, Salvation Army and St...
Coolest Cookie Jar Ever!
I saw this in an antique shop on Montana Ave. Sadly my wife wouldn't let me buy it. She called it a "Waste Of Money". Pfffft! Some guy somewhere is going to get the best Valentines Day gift in the history of Valentines Day gifts!